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My Art Center

I own and operate the Franklin Art Center located in Franklin Massachusetts. At the center we offer individualized fine art instruction to students ages 4 - Adult.

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Sculpture Park

My wife and I along with the Franklin Art Center were given a small block of land to transform into the first sculpture park in Metro West.

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Other Interests

With a 200 straight six inline engine. This series of images is the “before & after".

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a short bio

This will go into a slice of my personal life...if you care.

Unleash Creativity

  • Art Director at a global high-tech company.
  • Artist - Portrait painter & Sculptor
  • Web Designer - This site &
  • Art teacher - Advanced painting and drawing
  • Owner & operator of a local Art Center and Gallery
  • Certified Meditation teacher
  • Inventor - two U.S. patents

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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
clientAlbert Einstein

MY Work

Art Direction and Projects I've been working on


The work has appeared in the Wall St. Journal, Forbes, CRN, and countless other publications.
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The portraits were created in oils and range in sizes. Some were commissions, others just a study in form.
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Sculpture & Other Mediums

The pieces were created in multiple materials incuding bronze and wood.
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Abstract Painting

Oil paintings done in multiple sizes with techniques, brush strokes and tools.
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Magazines & Brochures

Published work ranging from Annual Reports to sales materials. Including some art direction.
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Reproductions & Studies

Some of the pieces I have been commissioned to reproduce other I did as a study.
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Ian Kabat Allowing the creative process to uncover questions regarding my own true nature and my relationship to the world has become a freeing experience. Through the recognition of my personal role as an artist, I have learned to trust in the varied and unpredictable ways my work manifests itself.

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